Person 1:Siguro crush ako ni perosn 2, lagi kasi nya akong inaasar eh.

Me: Oo nga, lagi ngang Whatever ang tawag sa iyo eh. galing! crush ka nga nun! :)

Bakit Favorite ko ang turquoise?

(By Logic not REAL REASON)


The Fault in our stars is my Favorite Book. The cover is Color BLUE

The Author is John GREEN

BLUE + GREEN = Turquoise :)

Coincidence? I think NOT

TFIOS john green

Turquoise + Birds = Perfection!
I Want This :) 

Turquoise + Birds = Perfection!

I Want This :) 

Someone: Ang boyish mo manamit

Me:Alam mo ba yung history ko? lol NO! :))

Someone:If you were given a chance to ask God one question that will answer all the world’s question,what will it be.
Me: Why He created the Earth
Someone: ok, what about this question, can I ask you(God) thousands of questions?right? Boom!!

Me:(what if God said no?)